Anita Martinez

Low level Mitsuhama program designer


Anita Martinez is Taka’s younger sister, who currently works for Mitsuhama Seattle as a programmer and data analysis specialist after graduating from the Denver Institute of Technology & Engineering about 2 years ago. Anita knows that her brother is involved in shady dealings and that he helped get her the position with MCT, but she doesn’t know how deep the rabbit hole goes. Both Anita and Taka agree that keeping her in the dark about what’s going on with him is best for both of them.

Taka sees his sister on a regular basis, occasionally giving her stolen data that is of interest to MCT and furthering her career, but otherwise just meeting for lunch or having dinner at her place.

Anita is a human woman of Hispanic origin and about 24 years old, of average height and slim build. She wears her black hair in a short bob and usually wears dark colored business casual clothes, often with a messenger bag with different pieces of equipment and datachips. She knows her way around a gun and a knife from her youth in Denver and carries herself with confidence even when in situations that would make a typical corp suit sweat.

Anita Martinez

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