Bruce, the dwarven bartender at The Monument


Bruce, who doesn’t tell anybody his last name, used to work for Lone Star, but got run out for not being as corrupt as his buddies in the precinct. He was never a white hat, by any stretch, but he objected to some of their schemes like bringing up false charges on people who had nice cyberware or equipment in order to steal it.

After leaving Lone Star, e ran the shadows for a few years, but got out for reasons nobody talks about. He’s still healthy and in good shape, so all people know is that he wasn’t forced into retirement due to injuries. Word is that he was a rigger, and a good one at that.

He still knows a few people in the biz, but stays at arm’s length and doesn’t make friends with the runners at The Monument. Polite and professional, he does his job efficiently and quickly, making better drinks than a bar like The Monument has any reason to have. They’re still not that great though and Bruce knows it. He shrugs, says sorry, and gets back to his job.

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