Jerry Holtzmann

Bouncer at The Monument


Jerry is a Caucasian human in his 60’s. Which would make him a poor choice for a bouncer at a bar full of potentially violent people like shadowrunners, if it weren’t for the fact that he’s almost as tall as a troll and tougher than most orks. Jerry made a living most of his life doing odd jobs and has a wide range of knowledge, everything from working as an audio engineer in a recording studio to an auto mechanic to janitor at a major area hospital.

Jerry is a bit of a stoner, personality-wise, and is pretty chill and relaxed when he isn’t busting heads and tossing people out on their head. He likes talking about music, all the way from the beginning of rock and roll through Concrete Dreams, Jetblack, and Maria Mercurial. Anybody who can talk about music in a smart and in-depth way will have a friend in Jerry.

Jerry Holtzmann

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