Tag: npc


  • Carl Davydov

    Carl sells soydogs and associated foodstuffs from a cart just outside the team's safehouse. What he lacks in food prep knowledge he sometimes makes up for in gossip.

  • Bruce

    Bruce, who doesn't tell anybody his last name, used to work for Lone Star, but got run out for not being as corrupt as his buddies in the precinct. He was never a white hat, by any stretch, but he objected to some of their schemes like bringing up false …

  • Jerry Holtzmann

    Jerry is a Caucasian human in his 60's. Which would make him a poor choice for a bouncer at a bar full of potentially violent people like shadowrunners, if it weren't for the fact that he's almost as tall as a troll and tougher than most orks. Jerry made …

  • Anita Martinez

    Anita Martinez is Taka's younger sister, who currently works for Mitsuhama Seattle as a programmer and data analysis specialist after graduating from the Denver Institute of Technology & Engineering about 2 years ago. Anita knows that her brother is …