Jake Wheeler

Former PCC officer turned arms dealer


Taka’s Contact. 2 Loyalty, 3 Connection.


Jake Wheeler is a relative newcomer to the Seattle shadows, having been a sergeant in the Pueblo Corporate Council military until recently. Wheeler worked in logistics and procurement and did more than a little of the latter on the side, as well as helping a few things fall off the back of a truck for people with the right numbers in their credsticks. When he got caught, he had enough banked material on his superiors to get an immediate honorable discharge as opposed to the lengthy jail term that he otherwise could have.

Wheeler made his way to Seattle on the same t-bird run that Taka was on and the two got to know each other. Not enough to be friends, but enough to be friendly and look out for each other a bit when they got settled in Seattle. Wheeler reached out to his military, smuggler, and corporate contacts and set up shop in an old sporting goods store selling “self-defense materials” like armor, tasers, and pepper spray. But word has slowly spread that for the right price or with the right people, Wheeler buys and sells more interesting fare.

Taka does reasonably regular business with Wheeler, buying armor and bullets and selling the occasional gun taken from the rapidly cooling hand of someone who tried to kill Taka. The two still aren’t exactly friends, but they get along pretty well professionally. Wheeler doesn’t have the contacts or product that he wants, but he’s looking to expand and get some hardcore gear into his shop.

Jake Wheeler is a Native American ork with a shaved head and darkly tanned skin. He stands about 6’3" and is built like a linebacker, albeit one with a bit of a belly. Wheeler dresses like he might need to be in the field at any moment, with cargo pants, an armored t-shirt, combat boots, and a tactical vest as his usual outfit. He’s got tusks larger than the normal ork, which gives him a distinct accent, bordering on a lisp, and he’s very sensitive about it.

Jake Wheeler

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