Jane aka J

Ugly rigger


Body: 2 (3)
Agility: 3
Reaction: 5 (7)
Strength: 2
Willpower: 2
Logic: 6
Intuition: 3
Charisma: 1

Edge: 6?

Physical Mental Social
4(5) 6(6) 4(4)

Physical Astral ColdSim HotSim
8(10)1D6 62D6 3+3D6 3+4D6

Gearhead, Juryrigger, Distinctive Style, Weak Immune System, Social Stress


Jane’s a former firefighter rigger and EMT from the former Ute Nation, via several years working out of Denver for Blackhawk fire and safety services.

Jane aka J is five foot ten, rangy to skinny, and often mistaken for male or gender-free, which she doesn’t mind. She gets a little annoyed if you ask her what happened, or if she’s a ghoul. “Mana storm” is the fast and easy answer to “what happened”.

The first thing you notice up close is her face and eyes, which are Not Right. Jane’s got cybereyes which she never bothered to have customized for cosmetic purposes; there’s no fake iris over the metal, visible microports in the inner corners, cheap doll eyelashes, and up close you can see those pupils aren’t really round. They don’t look wet enough, and they can kind of stare at you. All the skin above her cheekbones and over her skull down to the top of her shoulders is Anglo-pale and patchy with pinpoint dots of scarring; below that her nose and mouth are less scarred, but Native tanned (and look a little older than the rest of her face). She’s got visible jacks in her temples. There’s something a little weird about her pale ears. And other than the fake eyelashes, she’s hairless; no eyebrows, no hair. She has a beak-like Comanche nose, surprisingly intact, with a stud in her right nostril, and a long square jaw you’d be forgiven for mistaking for a replacement. Looking her in the cyber-eyes can be disconcerting if not full-on Uncanny Valley.

Her usual attire is a mechanic’s or fire service coverall in tan or black or navy, often with a loaded toolbelt, and a tank top or T-shirt underneath, with steel-toe cowboy boots or military-style duty boots She’s been known to wear jeans and a tee shirt (usually from some fire service related purveyor) and a jacket if for some reason coveralls aren’t appropriate or she feels like going out. She wears a hat usually; it doesn’t help much. It’s usually a trucker cap, or a cowboy hat for fancy occasions. She tries to remember to take off the tool belt for fancy occasions.

Jane’s a rigger. If it flies or rolls, she can drive it. She’s nervous about Seattle having water and boats, since she grew up inland; watercraft she’s clueless about. She’s also a mechanic. She can fix it.

Jane’s not easily fussed. She cusses a lot, especially if she does get nervous, but she’s pretty mellow, almost flat-affect since the “accident”. She’s happiest rigging, preferably something flying but driving’s good too. She doesn’t have much in the way of hobbies outside of the engineering field, but she does follow some sports teams. She’s used to working with a team from years on the fire service, and she can still medic enough to save a few people from bleeding to death. She’s not picky about food at all, but whatever she eats (survival meals and soystix usually, takeout if she’s out) will probably get doused in hot sauce. The other closest thing she has to a hobby is trying to get used to Seattle’s weird weather patterns; she flies a lot of drones in those winds, and she’s suspicious of tstorms ever since that mana storm threw a helicopter into the back of her head.

Jane aka J

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