Mike Jakande

Mitsuhama security decker


Taka’s contact: Loyalty 3, Connection 2


Mike is a relatively recent arrival to Seattle as well as a recent acquaintance of Taka’s. Born in the Asante Nation in Africa, Mike had a real talent for computers and data systems which made a mark on the local Matrix. Headhunted by Mitsuhama, he went to school in Egypt before being transferred to Mitsuhama North America in a corporate power play that made little sense to the people involved. Mike works at the same facility as Anita and they both arrived at roughly the same time, which allowed them to bond as friends.

Taka initially had a hard time talking to Mike, but they bonded over a shared enjoyment of Urban Brawl (a relatively new thing to Mike), though it’s hard to call them close friends. They get together and have beers while watching games and exchange info and minor favors. Taka helps Mike get used to things in North America and Seattle, especially the more seedy and interesting side of the place, and in exchange Mike passes on little tidbits of information and data that he comes across, so long as it won’t affect his job or Mitsuhama. Mike doesn’t know much about the history of the corp or the Yakuza connections, so Taka keeps him in the dark and keeps his own former Yakuza connections quiet. Mike comes across to most people as being very earnest, a little naive, and extremely enthusiastic about the things he does.

Mike is a tall and thin human of African descent in his mid-20s. Mike keeps his hair cut very close, showing a number of data ports and jacks around his skull. His skin is very dark, which contrasts with his bright green cybereyes. Even when not in his work uniform, Mike wears clothing that are very crisp, clean, and professional-looking. Khaki slacks and a polo shirt are his idea of casual wear, though his tech side shows with tools and other gear coming out of his pockets and the messenger bag which never leaves his side.

Mike Jakande

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