J's Garage

Jane aka J rents this place from Frank Falling Water.

Turn off the 202 between the secondhand furniture warehouse and the All-Nite, go past the cheap simsense and BTL store and the taqueria, past the burned-out hole, and look for the broken sign that used to say Korematsu Import Car Repair and Smog Check.

You’re looking at a gray two-story cinderblock building, red-tagged due to structural damage and radiation (still visible on the front door). Some damage to the fake part of the roof line, Red Hots tags on the paint and doors. There is one shared wall with a 2-unit building; the downstairs is former retail, upstairs is where Frank lives. The entire complex is surrounded by cracked but driveable concrete with plenty of parking; a driveway goes around and behind the facility, where there’s more concrete surrounded by chain link and concertina wire getting rusty, and some rusting junk that might have been car parts fifty years ago.

The building is a former auto shop with semi-functioning steel shutter-roll garage doors. It has 4 repair bays (at least 2 are working, sorta); right now all the garage doors are manual-only (except for the jammed one that isn’t openable at all) and maglocked. There’s a small “office” space with some uncomfortable plastic chairs and a desk, whose windows are boarded over, and a tiny bathroom with no water hooked up, but there’s a bucket in the toilet. Jane mostly uses this for parts storage, and there’s some other crap here that may be Frank’s junk or may date to the twentieth century for all we know. Behind another locked door are stairs that lead to the second floor. (There’s also a broken service elevator.) Vehicle work and large item work goes on here. The Buffalo, a GMC Bulldog, parks in the rightmost bay.

Second floor is mostly repair shop floor, with a couch of dubious origin and some rolling chairs or office stools, and a trid, and a ton of shop gear, from tool racks and tables and rolling chests to entire drones partially assembled. large “work area” with electronics bench etc. Micro work, like electronics, hardware, circuitry, etc. happens up here. The front windows are more board than glass, but the back windows are mostly intact and let in good working light to augment the work lights Jane strung up. In the left back corner is a drone launcher, and next to that is a busted drone launcher and a, uh, contraption with a big bin and an opening to the outside and back yard; piled beside it are hefty size bags of dog kibble. Every day or two Jane loads a bag into the “launcher” and a bag of kibble is hurled onto the downstairs back yard pavement, where the local pack of talis cats know they will get fed, because Frank is a softy and made it a condition of the lease. (Jane built the launcher out of spare parts.) Every once in a while a cat gets in, but the security system and Jane’s drones and a collection of squirt bottles usually keep them out. At least out of the upstairs.

On the right side by the stairs is an “office” which serves as J’s bedroom (there’s a hammock with a sleeping bag in it), a second office mostly full of old junk, and a bathroom with semi-working plumbing because Jane kludged up a rain collector on the roof and put in a cheap sonic shower. Near this is a table holding an ugly pile of electronics and a screen; it’s the security system console, which works better than it looks.

There is a hatch to the roof and an old but working aluminum ladder (folding). The roof hatch is maglocked. On the roof is some gear and crap for airborne drones, a water collector and some solar panels, and an antenna and sensor array around the edge of the roof and in the utility closet where the broken elevator does not go up.

There are two back doors on the ground floor at either end, one rusted shut and the other chained and padlocked, which lead to cracked pavement where a backyard isn’t. There are shreds of cat kibble (or even bits of people kibble, jeez Frank you spoil them) and the stink of cat piss as well as rust and mold.

The security system has camera coverage for the building exterior and downstairs interior, and shotgun coverage for most of the building. Frank can view the camera footage (and set off the exterior guns) but he can’t rig it. Frank will phone the Nukes if someone messes with his neighborhood, unless it’s Knight Errant, in which case policy is to ignore them and play dumb since they never stay long anyhow. It’s even odds whether or not Frank will remember to phone Jane if Jane isn’t home. Most of the other neighbors are either Nukes dependents/family and vaguely under Frank’s eye, or abandoned buildings too useless for living space.

J's Garage

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