North Glow

“North Glow” is a neighborhood in the Redmond Barrens, north of Glow City, solidly in Red Hot Nukes territory. Most of the construction is 20th century middle class. The radiation levels are middling high, but you’re out of the worst of the Redmond Reek stink. This is an abandoned neighborhood taken over by squatters and gangers and trying to bootstrap its way back up. The population mostly consists of criminals, SINless, gangers, and their families. The violence level is relatively low – the Red Hot Nukes run the town and keep it fairly free of turf wars and serious crime, and provide some security to the local businesses in exchange for favors. Nothing here is legal, but some of it is surprisingly functional. This is where gangers’ families live and try to make a living. They don’t like to be called squatters; they’ve lived here for generations.

It is theoretically possible to call Knight Errant, but their response times are slow and the operator may tell you that “your call is not a priority as it’s coming from a restricted area”, aka “nobody’s coming”. DocWagon has been known to make runs here, but rarely. A couple of local street docs provide services, and there’s a once-a-month charity public health clinic. Power is intermittent and hacked together from solar and illicit taps; water and sewer are even more dubious. Some of the taps work, but the drains don’t.

But there are people who live here, and enterprising businesses of the not very legal kind trying to get by as best they can. The food is surprisingly decent once you know where to get it; a lot of vendors live here and take their carts, food trucks, and baked gods into town to sell. So if you know when Maugerita the Tamale Ork is coming through, or that guy with the push cart full of ice cream pops and a few hits of meth, or that guy with the deep fryer attached to a shopping cart selling fried mice on a stick, you could score something. And then there’s the Dogburger truck and the Krazy Kebab truck and Mo’s Hawaiian Pork Buns truck if Mo got it out of impound yet. There’s also a half-dozen restaurants, some of which are takeout-only or mostly-delivery. As long as you don’t ask where the food originated, it’s probably pretty edible.

There are a few low-end chain stores, like that place that sells cheap chipsets and phones, and an All-Nite (the cheaper knockoff of a Stuffer Shack) and the like. There are a lot more local businesses; secondhand stores, things that fell off the back of a truck, and so on. It isn’t quite as black a market as the BTL Market or the Mall further south, but you’re a little less likely to get knifed at Mom’s Sporting Goods, Dwarf Emporium (specializing in dwarf-fitting clothing and gear), and the like. These businesses may not exactly have a license or keep regular hours, but they serve the community. Many of the locals have jobs outside the area, working as security guards, cleaners, maids, retailers, daycare, errand-runners, and similar no-collar jobs and gigs. There is even a charity elementary school, and Seattle Community College is rumored to be considering a satellite campus here. But it’s also rumored that Urban Brawl might be coming here. Everyone hopes they’d go to Glow City instead, surely that’s much more sporting.

The residents tend to be dwarven or ork (there’s an ork community farther north by the highway) with a strong non-white component, but not anti-human. The locals are protective of their own and suspicious of outsiders, and not necessarily opposed to shadowrunners as long as trouble doesn’t follow them home. This is where you live, not where you work.

North Glow

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